Low cost wall finish material

The cost of any project, calculated by adding material cost to the installation cost, with respect to material quality, material lifetime and installation time, and with consideration of comfort of the property users, adds up. With these factors in mind, we can proudly say that Deco Deluxe panels have the

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Choosing the right Interior Design

Materials and finishes are important factors in the finished design of renovation, remodeling and refurbishment projects. These products can make a huge difference as they add a unique and stylish look to any project. Deco Deluxe panels can transform the entire look of a space, which even a good wallpaper,

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Our product vs. Granite/Stone

Cost– Every homeowner or contractor has budget for their renovations. By using our finishing product as oppose to granite and stone, you save money. The material is cost effective and can stretch your dollar a lot farther.

Appearance– Our finishing material has the same appearance as granite and stone. It is

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