Our products are designed for you or your contracts to install very easily.  However if needed, we can do installations at an affordable rate. Our contractor will install and clean up with minimum disruption to your home or business.  Our sales staff can guide you through the process from concept to completion and answer any question you might have.  Our goal is your satisfaction at an economical price.

Don’t forget to visit our showroom if you live near the Hamilton and GTA areas especially when you haven’t seen our products first hand before.  In most cases, you might have and thought it was marble and granite.

3 easy steps for installation

  • Clean the back of each board and the wall with a cloth.
  • Dispense glue spots to the back of each board.
  • Press the board to the wall flatly.

Note: – The board can be cut by saw easily to required size.

Contact Deco Deluxe today to turn your home or business into beautiful and luxurious environment at a fraction of the cost of marble and granite.